Melfra ♥ (melfra) wrote in akamatsu_awards,
Melfra ♥

Week 28 voting

Internet Explorer is the worst browser on the face of the Earth and it should be demolished. Everyone should use Firefox. Download it. Love it. Cherish it.

Now, normally, if we had four icons, I would simply extend the contest. But you guys have broken me. Four icons. Live, learn, and vote.

Contest Rules
Reply to this post with three icons in order of preference, like so:
First: 12
Third: 06
12, 03, 06
any other legible method

No voting for your own icon
No advertising your icon
No posting your icon anywhere before the contest ends

01 02 03 04

other info:
#1: brush by colorfilter
#3: ewanism, CDG's brushes
#4: CDG's brushes, Tre-xtures

rebmastu will have your new theme up soon. Voting ends Sunday at 6:00pm EST.
Tags: voting, week 28
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