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week 29 theme

It's that time again! Yes, time for a new theme. Huzzah, and all that good stuff.

theme one: Song titles

For this theme, you may use any song titles you can think of, provided that (for the love of God!) the titles are not in japanese. On the other hand, you can use translations of japanese titles. Please be sure to include the full name of the song and the artist with your submission.

theme two: Brat-based showdown!

Free Image Hosting at

You can use any part of this image in your icon.

Rules and guidelines
-up to two icons may be submitted for each challenge. They can both be from the same theme, or from two different ones. Icons that fit both themes are also allowed- IE, an icon that uses the resource provided in theme two may also qualify under theme one.
-Icons must be made fresh for this challenge. No reusing old bases or pulling off someone's icon for your own.
-Icons must be no larger than 100x100 pixels or 40kb in size. In other words, they must be compatible for LJ.
-No crossposting or sharing your icon before the contest is FULLY completed. Until that results post is up, we'd better not find your icon floating around your journal or anywhere else.

Submit icons in the following manner.
Credits: dearest
For a full listing of all rules, please visit the user info. Your icons are due Friday the 21th at 9:00PM EST. Good luck!

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Screened comment

Yep, you've got to use the full title on the icon.

Screened comment

Sorry, but you must use the full title of the song in your icon submission.