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Melfra ♥

This is our last dance.

There comes a time in every community's life where everyone has to stop, step back, and wave goodbye; that time is, for akamatsu_awards, drawing near at an alarming rate. As those of you who have been with us from the beginning (or near that) know, generally the same people win, the same people lose, and the same people participate in akamatsu_awards every week, and something like time won't solve this problem. After discussing it a bit, rebmastu and I have decided that, at the end of week 29, akamatsu_awards will go on an indefinite hiatus. I say "hiatus", because there is still a chance that we'll come back. It could be tomorrow, next week, or maybe next month, but as it stands, we all just need a break. Now, no one's posting this to garner a boost of participation for the week (though it'd be nice); I just thought it important that you, as members and a part of the community, got a bit of advance notice so this didn't come as some huge surprise, though I suspect that many of you had already caught on. Because of this, we have also decided that the community will not be passed onto another mod. Any requests or suggestions of this will just make us plug our ears and run in the opposite direction, singing to drown you out.

But yeah, you know, life goes on and all that. If you're really heartbroken and love this community, etc etc, reply to this post with your email, and I'll be sure to send out some gigantic message to you all when we start back up. And yes, for all you spazzes who are so concerned about it, the banners will be done after we close.

Week 29 theme post
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